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Father's Day Shopping Guide
Posted by JBA on 5/20/2013
No, unfortunately doesn’t sell those overpriced department store ties or fancy electric shavers with so many buttons that could confuse an engineer. Luckily, we do sell some of the classiest and most elegant gifts you could give your dad this Father’s Day.
Jewelry Box Avenue Is Now On Your Favorite Social Networking Sites
Posted by Ricky Ortiz on 1/10/2013
Jewelry Box Avenue is now social! Connect with us on your favorite social networking site to see all of our new products, get special discounts and to see whats new with JBA. 

As the Dollar Declines the Jewelry Boxes Wooden Rise
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 8/9/2011
We are currently seeing a collapse of the global stock markets. The national debt went up an outlandish $238 billion in one day. The value of the dollar is on its way to demise and the quality of life for Americans is continuing to see a downward spiral. The poor employment trend does not look like it is going away anytime soon. But one thing we can look forward to as jewelry connoisseurs are that our passed down jewelry boxes wooden will only move upward.
How a Watch Box can help you win your Fantasy Football League
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 8/9/2011
There are two things in life that I cannot live without. One is my extensive watch collection inside my contemporary watch box and the other is the National Football League. Now that the lockout is a thing of the past, I can set my sights on winning my fantasy football league and taking home the bragging rights that come with the crown.
It Doesn’t Take A Genius: Why Geese make Terrible Jewelry Boxes
Posted by Matthew Kilpatrick on 7/26/2011
Sherlock Holmes, one of literature’s most well-known sleuths, taught us many things. Thanks to him, we can tell what somebody does for a living by looking at the bottom of their shoes. Getting close enough to see their shoes without them taking exception is another matter. In one of his slightly lesser known cases, Sherlock Holmes shows us something that should be plainly obvious, namely that you should really keep jewelry in a jewelry box, and not inside a goose.
Jewelry Boxes: A Place of Our Own
Posted by Deb Wunder on 7/18/2011
What is it that is so powerful about owning a jewelry box? Why is it that no matter how rich or poor a woman or girl is, a jewelry case of some sort is among her most prized possessions – the kind of thing that, during a fire, gets grabbed right after the kids and pets? Why is it that a jewelry box is one of the most coveted presents by females of all ages?
A Chance to Add Elizabeth Taylor’s Collection to your Jewelry Armoire
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 7/5/2011
Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor is referred to by many as one of the greatest actresses of all time. She is worldwide renowned for her amazing acting abilities, stunning beauty and alluring lifestyle. On March 23, at the age of 79, Taylor passed away from heart congestive failure. She leaves behind a legacy that set the standard for Hollywood fame in the 1950’s. More importantly she leaves behind a strong devotion and compassion for social activism. Taylor co founded the Elizabeth Taylor AIDs foundation in 1993 and today it still remains as a huge contributor to the cause.
The Benefits of Owning a Wooden Jewelry Box
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 6/29/2011
Wooden jewelry boxes come in a wide array of styles and designs, and combine organized storage, aesthetic appeal and durability (they are commonly made of oak, a wood known for its ability to stand up to quite a lot). You could just throw your jewelry in any drawer but then it is more likely to be lost or damaged that way. Ever try laying a delicate necklace just anywhere? Good luck getting that knot untangled. Also, a wooden jewelry box will have soft felt lining that will treat your pieces with the care they need. Jewelry can be fragile and easily scratched or damaged in other ways; wooden jewelry boxes are designed with this in mind.
Going Green with a Handcrafted Jewelry Box
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 6/27/2011
In an attempt to do our part to help save the Earth many individuals are beginning to move towards a more organic lifestyle. It has become a popular trend to “Go Green.” Large retail chains such as Target and Trader Joe’s have been among the pioneers in the movement by doing away with plastic bags and switching to more eco friendly reusable tote bags. Other contributors include up and coming jewelry designers who are beginning to incorporate throwaway objects such as bones, horns, buttons, scrap metal and car parts into their jewelry lines. In addition, we are also beginning to see an increasing trend of using natural resources such as stone, hardwood and even bamboo to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. Adding chic, recyclable and environmentally friendly pieces like this to your collection will make for a perfect complement to a handcrafted jewelry box.
What Jewelry Will The Champions Be Sporting?
Posted by Jonathan Bernal on 6/20/2011
The Dallas Mavericks are the winners of the 2011 NBA Championship. It is their first championship in franchise history and for many players such as Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd it marks a huge milestone to their already illustrious careers. So while the Larry O’Brien trophy rests safely in a luxurious trophy case it is still yet to be determined what kind of jewelry will be stored in the player’s jewelry boxes. The always outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is making headlines by trying to change tradition. He is thinking of giving his players bracelets instead of those huge diamond encrusted championship rings. The players have let their voices be heard through various media outlets and most would agree that the idea is ridiculous.

Reuniting with an Old Friend - My Wood Jewelry Box
Posted by JBA on 2/25/2011
Thinking back to my 40th birthday, I now remember what made it so special. It was not that my husband loved me enough to throw an extravagant party; it was what I received at the party. I did not know the man’s name, who gave me the gift, but I received an old wood jewelry box that I felt like I had seen before. Hmmm, it does not seem as if a jewelry box would make a large impact on someone’s life, but it had a tremendous impact on mine.
The Power of the Ballerina
Posted by JBA on 2/24/2011
A music jewelry box is the best gift for a young woman. Most young women dream of the day they are considered a grown-up. They pretend that they are professionals like their mothers – wearing professional attire, high-heeled shoes, putting on makeup and wearing tons of jewelry.
How to Pick out a Wooden Jewellery Box
Posted by JBA on 2/21/2011
For everybody who is trying to find a good real wood jewellery box to keep the best fine jewelry pieces, you have got a great deal of options to select from. Wooden jewellery boxes have become more refined drastically over the many years, with many beautiful pieces today which include a vast variety of woods, finishes and organization solutions.

For all those faced with an extremely fabulous collection, it can be difficult to recognize which exotic wood jewellery box will fit the bill best. To assist you with the process, we have a couple of a few while you are shopping for a wooden jewellery box for your own personal prized collection.
The World's Largest Jewelry Thief: How He Broke into Antwerp's Diamond Jewelry Box
Posted by JBA on 9/17/2010
Imagine if you were chosen to break into the world's most secure jewelry box to steal the largest diamond ever cut. You must devise a game plan that will get you past numerous security measures without detection. Your instructions are simply to be aware of your environment and be creative. Could you do it?
Opening the Rose Parade's Jewelry Box: Coronation Crowns
Posted by JBA on 9/15/2010
The Rose Parade is the most viewed parade in the world, and the "crown" of this event is the Pasadena Tournament of Rose's Royal Court. The history of the Royal Court is as long as the Rose Parade itself, but its treasures in the Court's jewelry box are ever-changing.
How Madeline Albright Used the Pins in Her Jewelry Box to Negotiate Diplomacy
Posted by JBA on 9/7/2010
When used properly, jewels become much more than a simple fashion statement. The right item from your jewelry box can belie your mood for the day or your attitude towards a particular event. That is precisely what Madeline Albright found the first time she donned a piece of jewelry in direct response to a world leader's comment about her foreign diplomacy philosophy.

Today, former Secretary Albright's pins create a collection that speak as much about the foreign policy of her time as it does about her impeccable fashion sense.
Peek Inside the Largest Jewelry "Box" in the World: Iranian Crown Jewels
Posted by JBA on 9/3/2010
Looking for more precious gems to add to your jewelry box? Be dazzled by what's stored inside the largest jewelry "box" in the world - housing the extensive Iranian Crown Jewels. This collection is arguably the most valuable and largest assortment of precious stones and jeweled pieces in the world today.
What's in Ivanka Trump's Jewelry Box?
Posted by JBA on 9/1/2010
Ivanka Trump knows a few facts about what to put in her jewelry box. The daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump, this fashion diva has been designing her own jewelry line for more than two years. Her latest line features a broad spectrum of shapes and colors to appeal to every woman's personal style and jewelry box.
What's Hot in Diamonds?
Posted by JBA on 8/23/2010
Looking for something hot to add to your jewelry box? How about the latest in ice? We have the current diamond trends to help you find a fashionable piece for your jewelry box this season.
What Every Jewelry Box Needs
Posted by JBA on 8/12/2010
Every jewelry box offers a glimpse into the owner's personal style, but there are a few basics that no jewelry box should be without.  These are jewelry box additions that are sure to enhance every outfit in your closet.  Learn more about these stones to find out how your jewelry box weighs in sparkle.
What's in Your Jewelry Box? Most Popular Pieces
Posted by JBA on 8/2/2010
Jewelry, like the rest of your wardrobe, needs to change with the times. Today's jewelry box looks a lot different from the chest your mother stocked. We have four popular pieces to add to your jewelry box this season.
Which Jewelry Box Fits Your Style?
Posted by JBA on 7/25/2010
Just like our wardrobe, we want our jewelry to fit our unique sense of style.  However, what about the jewelry box that holds our baubles? With so many fabulous jewelry boxes to choose from today, it is easy to find a jewelry chest that reflects your personality and tastes.  Contemplate these options to find the jewelry box that resonates with your fashion flair.
Top 3 Trends in Jewelry Boxes Today
Posted by JBA on 7/17/2010
Calling all fashion divas! Looking for the latest and greatest in jewelry boxes?  We have what you seek in three of the hottest trends in jewelry boxes today.  Peruse these ideas to help you find the best jewelry box for your needs.
The Well-Endowed Jewelry Box: Favorite Stones to Include
Posted by JBA on 7/2/2010
If you are in the process of stocking your jewelry box, there are a few key stones to consider for your collection. While the selection of gemstones is primarily a personal preference, there are some gems that are more versatile and accessible today. We have a few favorite stones to include in your jewelry box to help complete your fine jewelry collection.
Why Diamonds Belong in Every Girl's Jewelry Box
Posted by JBA on 6/29/2010
Is your jewelry box missing some dazzlers? Ever since Marilyn Monroe sang to the world that "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," this stone has been one of the most sought after gems across the globe. There are many reasons why women want to fill their jewelry boxes with diamonds.