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Travel Jewelry Cases

Travel cases are immensely popular and incredibly useful. Choosing jewelry many days in advance, or even worse, wearing the same jewelry every day of a trip, can be inconvenient and problematic. Fortunately, there are many tremendous travel cases available to house your entire jewelry collection - without adding a miserable amount of weight to your baggage.
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Cade Black Jewelry Travel Case
Cade Black Jewelry Travel Case
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Our Price: $99.95
Valencia Brown Leather Jewelry Travel Case
Valencia Brown Leather Jewelry Travel Case
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Our Price: $59.95
Travel Jewelry Boxes: How To Select The Perfect Travel Companion
Here are some suggestions as to how to choose the perfect travel case:

Size – When you are choosing travel jewelry boxes, keep in mind how long you are usually on the road, and how many jewelry changes you generally make each day. If you are away for short periods and tend to wear the same pieces several times, you might choose a smaller case or a jewelry clutch. On the other hand, longer trips and multiple daily changes might prompt you to choose a larger case with many compartments.

Material – Travel cases are available in many different styles. Leather travel cases are incredibly versatile because they remain popular for both men and women. They also come in a variety of classy colors. Leather travel cases are easy to wipe clean and are lighter in weight than many of the alternatives.

Portability – Though all travel cases are easy to transport, some are more inclined toward easy packing and repacking than others. Many cases are presented as semi-permanent showcases for hotel dressing tables. Keep in mind how many location changes you usually make, and how much time your stunning travel jewelry boxes will spend on display!

Compartments – Some travel jewelry boxes contain an amazing number of different compartments and others contain relatively few. If you are taking precious trinkets on your travels, you might want to consider a case lined with stain resistant fabric. Sumptuous lining is important because it protects your beautiful jewelry and your charming case simultaneously.

Travel cases come in such a plethora of shapes and sizes that it will be simple to find one that matches your budget and style requirements. Once you are in possession of the perfect case, all you have left to decide is what to put in it!

A good travel jewelry case is worth its weight in gold, because it keeps your fine pieces from becoming damaged or lost while in transit. Small, portable, capable of being tossed casually into a bag or backpack, a travel jewelry case is an essential for either long trips or long weekends.

Jewelry travel cases are not a new idea; they go back to the days when travel was much more strenuous and difficult. To stay safe, a person's jewelry needed almost more protection than the person did. Our jewelry travel cases are designed to keep your jewelry safely in place, with its plus compartments and sturdy, secure closures. Further, our jewelry travel cases are stylish and affordable, enabling you to take care of your jewelry as if you were traveling royalty.

Our unique leather jewelry box with zipper case inside is a boon for travelers. A classic jewelry box, it has secure closures, superb design, and two separate travel cases. This zipper case has sections for rings, earrings, necklaces and watches, has a mirror, and slips easily into a travel bag. The leather jewelry box with zipper case is the perfect multi-tasking jewelry holder, whether one is at home or on the road.

If one has the space, while traveling, nothing can beat a sturdy, secure, wooden travel jewelry case. With a secure locking closure, and hard outer shell, and plus inner compartments, nothing can beat it for keeping your jewelry safe and unscratched. Further, a wooden travel jewelry case can serve double duty, by being a case at home for smaller pieces that one uses on a daily basis, such as several different watches.

Our travel cases rank among our best selling jewelry cases. They are perfect for casual gifts, because they are painstakingly crafted and are genuinely useful to people who have no need for a full regular jewelry case. They come in a variety of styles and materials, to suit the need of almost every traveler. No matter the age, gender, or status of the recipient, one of our best selling jewelry cases will fill your gift-giving bill.

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