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Stay Organized on the Road with Travel Cases

When you travel, your jewelry must go along for the ride. However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice organization and security to keep your valuables with you on your excursions.

The right travel case will keep all your valuables neat and tidy until you arrive at your destination. This allows you to access your accessories just as easily as you would if they were still nestled in your favorite jewelry box back home.

Jewelry Box Avenue has the tips to help you stay organized on the road with travel cases designed with your needs in mind.

Compartmentalizing made Easy

Like standard jewelry boxes, travel cases offer a variety of compartments to keep all of your jewelry pieces neat and organized. These compartments may include smaller options for rings and earrings, as well as larger compartments for chunky bracelets and beaded necklaces.

For chain necklaces and bracelets, there are snapping sections that keep each chain in its own spot and tangle-free. Some travel cases even offer customized ring and earring holders to make it even easier to find all your smaller items at a single, quick glance.

Whether you choose a hard case crafted of fine leather or a soft fabric case that is flexible enough to fit into any space, look for the compartments that will work best in keeping your unique collection neat and organized.

Hanging Around

If you opt for a fabric case, it might be difficult to see all of your pieces at once when you arrive at your destination. Many of the compartments may not be see-through and the entire case may not unroll completely for easy access to all the items at one time.

If you won't be wearing much jewelry every day, or if you will have ample time to search for your various pieces, these standard fabric travel cases might work just fine. You can make jewelry selection even easier by labeling each compartment with what is inside.

However, if you prefer to see all of your pieces at a single glance, consider a fabric travel case with see-through fabric on one side that allows you to see your entire collection. Many of these travel cases come with a hanger so you can hang your jewelry up in the bedroom or bathroom where you are staying.

Sitting Pretty

Another option for easy access when you arrive at your destination is a leather travel case that sits on your dresser top like a standard jewelry box. When you open the lid, all of your items are neatly stored in individual compartments inside. Many of these leather travel cases feature extendable trays and drawers that offer more space with the same easy access.

For additional storage options, look for leather travel cases the provide storage solutions in the lid, as well as the main compartment of the case, where you might find snapping tubes to carry rings or slots for your watch collection. Storage in the lid of your travel jewelry box allows you to maximize organization space for your jewelry collection without sacrificing valuable room in your suitcase.

Open Sesame

Do you miss your favorite jewelry armoire when you are on the road? How about a portable armoire that can travel with you and set up on the desk in your hotel? Some travel cases are carried like a standard case, but can be opened up and set on end to hang necklaces and bracelets with ease.

The advantage to a travel case like this is that you avoid tangled chains, and every piece offers easy visibility and access. If you are taking a particularly large collection along for the ride, combine the armoire-style travel case with a desktop model that allows you to set up an entire jewelry station no matter where you are.

Safe and Secure

When you are on the road, security becomes a concern. Most travel cases, particularly the leather models, are equipped with sturdy locking devices that keep your valuables safe and sound. The lock uses a key to secure it, which you can keep in another area of your suitcase or in your pocket while traveling. Individualized compartments in travel cases ensure that every jewelry piece remains in its own home to prevent tangling and scratching along the way. Your jewelry arrives at your destination intact and undamaged, ready for your use.

Travel jewelry boxes are the perfect solution for taking your valuables on the road. The huge array of styles and colors means you don't have to give up your individual sense of style to keep your valuables safely in tow. These cases come in a range of models so you can find the one that best fits with your personal travel plans, whether you are tucking your travel case into your luggage or flaunting it as a carryon bag. With security, convenience and organization in mind, you can rest assured your treasures will accompany you safely no matter where your travels may take you.

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