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Leather or Wood? Choosing a Men's Jewelry Box

A men's jewelry box is a lovely gift for any man, any time of the year. One of the best features of men's jewelry boxes is that there are many styles and sizes, ensuring that you can find the box that best meets your man's needs.

However, the large selection can also make it challenging to narrow your choices down to just one. For example, one of your first choices must be whether you want a leather or a wooden jewelry box. Both come in a handsome design and offer a variety of options. Jewelry Box Avenue has information about both leather and wooden jewelry boxes to help you in your selection process.

The Leather Jewelry Box

Leather is an excellent choice in men's jewelry boxes because it offers a durable design that is decidedly masculine. Most leather jewelry valets come in either black or brown, but you can find a handful of tan leather boxes, as well as other shades.

Black is always a safe choice for men's jewelry boxes because it exudes style and sophistication. It also works well in a contemporary bedroom. However, brown is equally attractive, and it may be a good choice for the man who prefers a classic, traditional look. Tan is a more daring shade that works for men that are extremely style conscious and like to stand out in the crowd.

The size of a leather jewelry box can vary as well, ranging from small jewelry valets that hold the bare essentials to much larger boxes that can house a more extensive watch or jewelry collection. To choose the best size box for your man's needs, consider first what he might store inside. If he has a number of watches to keep organized, there are men's watch cases in handsome leather designs that are perfect for this purpose. If his needs are primarily a place to store his favorite watch, a couple pairs of cufflinks and his grandfather's diamond ring, a smaller jewelry valet that sets on his dresser might be the better choice.

Leather jewelry boxes also come with and without lids to offer even more variety. If the jewelry valet will primarily be used to house a few items overnight, a tray without a cover may provide the easiest access. However, items that need to be stored over the long haul will remain cleaner in a men's jewelry box with a lid. 

If you want to display your items, opt for a glass lid that gives you a view of your treasures. If you want a secure case, go for one with a lid that is equipped with a lock and key. Some jewelry valets offer a combination of open and closed compartments to provide greater versatility.

The Wooden Jewelry Box

Like leather jewelry boxes, wooden chests offer a wide range of sizes and styles. The first step is to choose a wood that fits your man's personal style. Some of the options might include burl, cherry, oak and mahogany. Cherry and mahogany both sport a deep finish, even grain and reddish undertones that are perfect for a man who likes a traditional style. Modern men might enjoy a sleek teakwood jewelry box or a wooden jewelry box in an espresso finish that fits well in a contemporary bedroom. Oak is a popular, affordable hardwood that comes in an array of finishes to coordinate with any taste and style.

Wooden jewelry boxes also offer a large range of sizes, ranging from jewelry valets that sport a few small compartments to larger boxes that offer additional trays and drawers for more extensive collections. Choose the size box in accordance with the amount of items your man needs to store, paying special attention to the types of items he owns so you can select your organizational system accordingly. Some offer an open top with a gadget station so he can store his cell phone and blackberry with his watch and cuff links. Others offer larger compartments for sunglasses and wallets, placing everything he needs for the day is in a single, easy to spot location.

Wooden jewelry boxes are not typically used for travel, but your man still might like the ability to lock his valuables up safe and secure. There are many wooden jewelry boxes that offer a locking option, usually with a lock and key device. Others secure with a simple latch, so you have quick access to the contents inside if security is not an issue. Some provide a single compartment that can be locked up tight, allowing you to store your valuables like your Rolex and diamond-studded cuff links in a secure area, while your everyday pieces are easier to remove.

Both wooden and leather jewelry boxes offer a nice selection for the special man in your life. By considering his personal needs and style, you can rest assured you will find a men's jewelry box he can enjoy for many years to come.